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What is House of Sacred Flame?


The House of Sacred Flame jewelry collection is made of antique and vintage medallions of European origin. Each medallion has a separate meaning from the other, allowing it to be available to all. Certain pieces signify healing, while all of the Saintโ€™s medallions represent different teachings through faith, such as strength and fortitude. Many of the materials we use derive straight from the earth. Under "blog" you will find descriptions of each piece to help you decipher which one truly is meant for you.

House of Sacred Flame jewelry delivers a connection between each piece you own. Through our various forms of healing stones and beads, a bond between style and personality is born. Your jewelry is a reflection of who you are, allowing for an opportunity to connect with other House of Sacred Flame members. Our collection of jewelry, modeled after old European medallions, will satisfy any style.

Everything in our inventory is handmade, ensuring that each piece of jewelry is high quality. We emphasize customer satisfaction more than anything, so it is important to us that we send you jewelry that is guaranteed to last. We recommend finding more than one bracelet, necklace, ring, etc., that fits to your style, as layering is what we preach at House of Sacred Flame.

The jewelry gives you a chance to make a fashion statement, expressing who you really are. It is the age of style, and the perfect place to start is right in front of you! Lift your spirit with our jewelry, and show your community what you are about.


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